VIMAB runs its operations from five locations in Sweden. Our headquarters are in Motala, and we have branches in Perstorp, Söderhamn, Stenungsund, Stockholm as well as a subsidiary in Norway. Our main business consists of repairing and maintaining valves at our customers' facilities and at our own premises.

But VIMAB offers so much more than valve service. We have total responsibility for ensuring that your valves are working – no matter the make or type – and develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We work with preventive measures but are also available in the event of an emergency. We prevent shutdowns, function as a sounding board, and help you get control of your valve-maintenance costs and your facility's security. You save both time and money when you hire us, and you can be certain that your operations are functioning as they should so that your customers will be satisfied.

Our employees

All our employees are skilled craftspeople – quick and service-minded – and work in your best interest. A true team spirit prevails at our office, and you'll notice it when you work with us. Thoughtfulness and dependability are somewhat of a trademark for us.

Our history

Experience and competence are something you acquire over the years. Since 1986 we have worked on developing our knowledge, our work methods and the tools we use. It's only natural that we started working with quality assurance already in 1997. Of course, we are ISO 9000 certified, and we're working on obtaining ISO 14000 certification, too.

We hope that we have given you additional reasons to contact us!

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